Ismail Ki Aankhen is a comedy packed thriller and is about an 11-year-old orphan boy who plays the role of a blind boy , the story revolves around how this boy helps bust a gang of kidnappers and how he saves a four-year-old boy from getting kidnapped with support of his colleagues and friend by decoding codes of the kidnapper.

The play sends across a strong message on Hindu Muslim unity and how one needs to go beyond one's religion to help others and that helping others is our basic human duty and not a luxury.

The play has 1998 backdrop, it is a thriller with music, drama and fantasy, filled with loads of comedy and punches which are based on society.

Central characters are of Ismail , Bhole Chacha, Ram Bharose and Julie Didi , comedy scenes are between Commissioner Lele , Inspector Vishwas Kalse and Hawaldar Bina Kharche , special long comedy acts are between Boss, Jenny Darling and Bhairav with added character of Pari and not to forget Peer Baba the mentor of Ismail , both Ismail and Peer Baba are blind.

In nutshell, the play is perfect masala comedy thriller.

Viewership is Eight plus age and is right for any family audience.

Ismail Ki Aankhen
Written by Acharya Aashish
Directed by Sanjay Chouhan,
Casting by Himesh Choudhary
Cast : Love Kapoor, Rajesh Puri, Farzil Pardiwalla , Shristi Maheshwari , Kushboo Shroff , Abhishek Jai Govind, Nauman Sarwat Azam, Sachin Shinde, Himesh Choudhary, Bindia Kalra and Akansha Singh.

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